A/B Testing is a marketing tool used to identify customer preferences and behavior in a scientific way. A/B Testing tools are developed in a way that splits the audience or clients into two groups – A and B – and introduces two versions, version A and version B, of the firm’s product or service to these two groups. Based on the customer response, the company will get an idea about the customers’ preferences and will go along with either version A or B.

Sometimes the marketing team will have an intuition on which version of the product the customers will like, and sometimes they may be correct as well. But marketing is a serious business, and it’s not common to leave vital issues to chance, such as the marketing campaign’s layout or the product design. Mistakes may be too costly. So, many dedicated ab testing software programs have been developed to identify these issues without relying on intuition.

Let’s take the example of a newly launched website of an online retail company. The firm wishes more and more people to register with it. Presumably, it has two equally appealing options when it comes to the sign-up button. One is to place it on the right top corner, and the other is to place it on the left top corner. So, the company can divide its customers into group A and group B, and presents each group to one of the two options considered.


The website then runs both the versions for a set test period, and at the end of the period, it will have all the requisite data with regard to the tab’s placement. If it observes that the right-hand side placement has led to more registrations, the company can decide to go for that option and vice versa.


Top A/B Testing Tools


Here, we are introducing you to some of the top ab testing tools available today.


  • Google Analytics. It’s a free tool, made available by Google and making use of the vast database the company has. A website owner can opt to connect his website with Google Analytics and start receiving valuable information and analysis about his/her website. One of the most attractive features of this service is its “goals” feature that allows the company to track its targets or goals easily. However, its disadvantage is the absence of multi-variate testing features.
  • It’s an entry-level, low-cost a/b testing tool. It gives the user mobile and multi-variate testing choices along with the a/b testing functionality. It is very easy to use, but the tool cannot integrate data from external sources.
  • VWO stands for Visual Website Optimizer; it is one of the popular a/b testing tools in the market today. It is a full-feature product and is relatively costly compared to other products reviewed here. VWO has features like idea generation and direct client inputs. However, the tool lacks multiple page testing options, and the real-time support is relatively poor.
  • Unbounce is a specific landing page testing tool, currently the best in the market for this segment. The tool integrates easily with other software and tools and is moderately priced, but its application is limited.
  • It is a relatively new player that has quickly gained popularity in the industry. It’s one of the best examples of landing page editing software available today. It’s a relatively cheaper option compared to its competitors. However, LeadPages functionality is limited to basic a/b testing, and you won’t be able to do any advanced testing using this tool. It features some of the best pre-built landing page templates to choose from. LeadPages makes use of a very convenient drag and drop feature.
  • Kissmetrics is a premium testing tool with advanced features. It tries to keep a tab on the human aspects of website usage and keeps track of individuals who interact with the website, trying to give the user detailed information on the website navigation patterns and behaviors. It also has an advanced funnel feature. However, basic a/b testing is not a strong point of Kissmetrics, and you should not pay for this premium product if that’s the only analysis you require.
  • Crazy Egg. The main strength of Crazy Egg is the highly visualized data analysis it can provide. It’s one of the cheapest products available today as well. However, the tool lacks advanced features and doesn’t work that well with dynamic web pages.


There are many testing products available in the market for you to choose from. You have to select a product that best suits your business needs and your budget.